Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies provides cement for Zero CO2 wind turbine base

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies provides cement for Zero CO2 wind turbine base
18 June 2024

Green energy company, the VALOREM Group, based in France and Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies have claimed the pouring of the world's first wind turbine foundation made from zero per cent clinker decarbonised concrete. 

On the site of the Plaine des Moulins wind farm in Jazeneuil (Vienne), France, the VALOREM Group and Hoffmann Green poured a wind turbine foundation using 630m3 of decarbonated concrete. The use of decarbonated concrete resulted in a saving of 33t of CO2, ie 32 per cent less than with traditional concrete, and this without any change in construction methods. This achievement is all the more remarkable in that it concerns a very demanding application, where pouring is carried out in a single operation, with a very high density of reinforcement to ensure the durability of this type of structure.

The Plaine des Moulins wind farm will comprise five wind turbines, each 180m high at the blade tip, with a total installed capacity of 18MW, and will generate around 42GWh of green electricity, equivalent to 18.6 per cent of the electricity consumption of the Haut Poitou community. The wind farm is scheduled for commissioning in early 2025.

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, said: “We are very proud to be part of this world premiere: the pouring of the first wind turbine foundation using clinker-free decarbonised concrete. This achievement represents a key milestone for Hoffmann Green and strengthens our position on the wind energy market within the strategic renewable energy sector.”

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