Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies signs US licensing agreement 

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies signs US licensing agreement 
10 July 2024

Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies has announced the signature of a 30-year licensing agreement in the USA. 

Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, said: “The signing of this key licensing agreement in the USA is the concrete result of the pre-agreement announced at the end of last year. We are delighted to join forces with two partners who share our vision of the construction sector and have both significant expertise and in-depth knowledge of the local ecosystem. After the licensing agreement signed in 2023 in Saudi Arabia, this step strengthens our international development strategy in two key states of the American construction sector, with the option of extending this agreement to the entire US territory by 2025. We thank our partner for its confidence and are delighted with this new licensing contract, which will contribute to the decarbonisation of the US dynamic construction sector. The deployment of our plants and the commercialisation of our zero per cent cement clinker will play a key role in this transition.”

Olivier Ducimetière-Monod, construction and property development entrepreneur in the US and co-associate of Hoffmann Green USA, added: “As part of the Inflation Reduction Act to fund the US energy transition, we are thrilled to partner with Hoffmann Green to drive the decarbonisation of the building industry and promote sustainable practices for future US construction projects. This licensing agreement is only the first step towards the future construction of Hoffmann plants throughout the United States.”

Francis Beauvallet, CEO of Beauvallet Construction and co-associate of Hoffmann Green USA, concluded: “The signing of this contract represents a key French-American collaboration aimed at promoting innovative and sustainable solutions to decarbonise the construction sector in the United States. Thanks to our complementary expertise in construction and property development in the United States, we are committed to promoting and developing Hoffmann plants and their zero per cent cement clinker throughout the United States.”

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