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Has the tide turned?

21 May 2004, Published under Cement News

Six months of exceptionally high levels of ocean freight rates have finally brought the trading market back to the conditions that we regarded as normal, prior to 1997. Those who believed that cement

Cement dealers protest

17 May 2004, Published under Cement News

All Karachi Cement Dealers Association (AKCDA) has asked the government to take notice of the black marketing of cement by a government owned cement factory and ensure the free availability and sale o

Qatar National Cement Co

13 May 2004, Published under Cement News

Qatar’s largest cement producer Qatar National Cement Company (QNCC) expects to receive three shipments of cement by the end of May 2004 to cover the continuing shortfall in its cement supply in

Turkey Exports 600,000t to Iraq

12 May 2004, Published under Cement News

Turkey exported 600,000t of cement to Iraq in 2003, up from 40,000t in 2002, Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association chairman Adnan Ignebekcili said on May 10, 2004. The exports are expected

Kuwait Portland Cement

Kuwait Portland Cement

11 May 2004, Published under Cement News

Kuwaiti cement trader Kuwait Portland Cement Company posted a net profit of US$5.6m for the first quarter of 2004, down from US$12.1m in the same period of 2003. Earnings per share fell to US$0.078 i

Lebanese cement plants ­ exports to Iraq?

10 May 2004, Published under Cement News

Leading Lebanese cement companies are expected to increase their exports the promising Iraqi market this year despite the security deterioration in some parts of the country. Firms from Lebanon were r

Gambling on more cement

Gambling on more cement

10 May 2004, Published under Cement News

A shortage of cement is leaving many in the construction industry concerned that it could slow down Southern Nevada’s explosive growth. Just since January, local ready mix companies are reportin

UAE cement demand booming

06 May 2004, Published under Cement News

The UAE industry is trying hard to fight the upsurge in demand with the production capacity working at the optimum level. Demand for the cement in next few years is expected to surpass 10Mt.

Vietnamese prices

06 May 2004, Published under Cement News

Domestic producers are expected to make 23.7Mt of cement in 2004. Cement prices at major retailers in Hanoi inreased by VND10,000-20,000 per ton to VND740,000 for Bim Son brand and VND780,000 for

Cement prices are on the rise

06 May 2004, Published under Cement News

MANAMA: Prices of construction materials are rising sharply in Bahrein, Entrepreneurs Association member Abdulwahed Al Ferdan told local newspaper Akhbar Al Khaleej. The price of one 50kg sack of

IMF wants cement levy

05 May 2004, Published under Cement News

ISLAMABAD: International Monetary Fund (IMF) has proposed the levy of 15 percent sales tax on cement blocks and bricks, the primary raw materials for construction industry in Pakistan. Official source

Egyptian National Cement

04 May 2004, Published under Cement News

National Cement’s clinker output rose 2.74 per cent year-on-year to 2,148,184t, while cement production grew 8.5 per cent to 2,101,771t. Cement sales reached 2,079,997t, up 9.7 per cent year-on-

Consumers complain over price hikes

04 May 2004, Published under Cement News

Monrovia, Liberia: Following reports of hike in the price of cement, some consumers have blamed dealers in Monrovia and its environs for allegedly creating artificial scarcity of the product. Over th

Cement to Sri Lanka

04 May 2004, Published under Cement News

More than 3000 tonnes of cement is now being loaded in two ships at the Nagapattinam port, India for export to Sri Lanka. Official sources told The Hindu that about 2050 tonnes of cement was exported

Concrete shortage in southern Florida

04 May 2004, Published under Cement News

Miami: With news of the local Tammac ready-mix plant burning down a couple weeks ago and another plant in central northern Florida out of action and Rinker the leading domestic supplier in South Flori

Competitive Egyptian cement eyes exports boom

23 April 2004, Published under Cement News

Egypt’s cement sector is set to boom this year with many companies taking advantage of cheap production costs and increased demand to boost exports. Analysts said cheap labour costs, a regional