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Turbulent Diffusion Technology Inc.

Turbulent Diffusion Technology Inc. Turbulent Diffusion Technology provides custom, guaranteed, fuel efficiency combustion solutions for thermal processing installations in the cement, pulp and paper, mineral processing, steel, and petrochemical industries. With a minimum of 10 per cent specific fuel cost savings guaranteed for kiln systems, Turbulent Diffusion Technology emphasises the need for process and quality control at a reduced operating cost. Turbulent Diffusion sets the industry standard for fuel efficiency and return on investment. In difficult financial times, cement producers worldwide need to pay specific attention to the reduction of their operating costs, and a Turbulent Diffusion system will enable your facility to drastically reduce fuel, maintenance, and refractory expenses while stemming the flow of harmful emissions. With nearly two decades in operation and a long history of customer satisfaction, Turbulent Diffusion's kiln optimisation technology and service record achieves a standard of performance that speaks for itself.

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Port Moody, BC
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Tel: +1 604 461 8001
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