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Imerys extends capacity in India

13 October 2022, Published under Cement News

France-based Imerys, a world leader in mineral-based specialties, is planning to extend its capacity to meet rising demand from India’s cement and steel sectors. According to The Hindu, the company has set up a 30,000t calcium aluminate binder plant in Atchutapuram, Andhra Pradesh, to serve India’s refractory and construction industries. Imerys hopes to increase capacity further to 50,000t by 2030. The company is also in the process of setting up a research and development centre at V...

Alternative binder advances

13 November 2013, Published under Cement News

Due to increasing environmental regulations, cement producers are striving to replace even larger parts of the Portland cement with low-carbon alternative cementitious materials. Highly- to moderately-reactive cementitious materials such as slag, fly ash or partial inert fillers (limestone) are predominantly used as replacement constituents but their limited availability and the requirement to meet performance criteria restrict the use of these substitutes. However, the development of new al...