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Paraguay Minister of Industry: INC needs to import cement urgently

14 October 2015, Published under Cement News

Gustavo Leite, Paraguay’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, said yesterday that there exists an alternative scenario that would see the country’s main cement producer, Industria Nacional de Cemento (INC) “urgently” become a cement importer. While the cement maker is planning to expand its production to meet national demand, Mr Leite said it will take around 3-4 years to build a new cement plant and that therefore, imports are crucial. Due to speculation and the supply shortage, a bag of c...

Bolivia: Soboce raises bagged cement price

08 May 2015, Published under Cement News

The price of a bag of cement produced by Bolivia’s Soboce increased 4.5 per cent or BOB2.50 to BOB58.50 in La Paz and by BOB3 to BOB58 in Oruro. Soboce has said the rise would bring the price in line with other parts of Bolivia. However, building companies attribute the advance to an increase in salaries at the cement producer this year.

Côte d’Ivoire: retail price takes 20% hike

31 March 2015, Published under Cement News

The dealer price for cement has significantly increased from XOF95,000 (US$156) to XOF110,000/t in Côte d’Ivoire. In terms of the price of 50kg bag, this means a 20 per cent price rise to XOF6000. The price rise is attributed to the current shortage of cement on the market, but wholesale prices have remained stable.

Honduras: Chico calls for lower cement prices

14 January 2015, Published under Cement News

The Honduran Chamber of the Construction Industry (Chico) has requested cement producers to revise the price of bagged grey cement. Cement companies have maintained the price of HNL168.50 (US$8.02) per 42.5kg in Tegucigalpa with variations from one location to another on the back of transport costs. The monthly economic activity index (IMAE) released by the Central Bank of Honduras reports that construction shrank by eight per cent in October 2014 when compared with a contraction of 4.8 p...

India Cements: INR370kg/bag isn't viable

23 December 2014, Published under Cement News

Producing cement in southern India at the current price of around INR370 (US$5.83)/50kg is not viable, according to N Srinivasan, India Cements' vice-chairman and MD. Against a background of falling demand, interest, freight and other manufacturing costs were steadily increasing, pushing cement producers into losses. “Cement is treated as a commodity, but it is actually a manufactured product but doesn’t get the benefits of a manufactured product,” he said. “Over the last eight years, ...

Ghana cement prices expected to fall

01 October 2014, Published under Cement News

If Ghana’s cedi continues to stabilise, prices of cement can be expected to fall, according to Morten Gade, managing director of Ghacem. Cement prices have increased rapidly in 2Q14 as erratic power supply and the depreciation of the cede against major foreign currency impacted on the value and availability of cement in the west African country. However, recent weeks have shown an appreciation of the cedi against major foreign currencies, prompting the call for a decrease in general g...

Taiwan Cement further hikes price in China

30 September 2014, Published under Cement News

Taiwan Cement announced a further rise in cement prices in China’s Guandong province due to the increasing demand in the domestic market. The price hike follows an earlier increase in August . The company hiked prices in the country’s key market by CNY20 (US$3.26)/t. High-grade cement now costs CNY340/t, up from CNY320/t. Taiwan Cement said demand in the Pearl River Delta area expanded considerably in late September as inventories fell due to construction projects ahead of the 1 Octo...

Global cement 2014 outlook

06 January 2014, Published under Cement News

New year, new challenges. As the cement industry looks into 2014, what will the New Year bring? By Yuri Serov, Morgan Stanley, UK. Challenges and outlook for the global cement industry in 2014 The year 2013 was not meant to pan out this way. A year ago most market watchers were looking forward to a year when recovery would entrench itself across the board. Western Europe was the region on which everyone focussed. Sure, in 2012 it produced another large fall under the weight of a...