Cement price surge in Nampula

Cement price surge in Nampula
26 February 2018

The price of cement in Nampula, northeastern Mozambique, has soared since the start of the year despite the existence of two cement plants in the port of Nacala, 200km to the west.

At the end of 2017 the cement price reached MZN435-470 (US$7.30-7.80) per 50kg bag but by 23 February, this had risen to MZN570-610/bag.

Demand in the northern provinces  has boomed and the two cement plants cannot supply the entire market requirement, according to the Mozambique News Agency. Nampula Provincial Director of Industry and Trade, Norberto Narciso, said that teams of the government’s National Inspectorate of Economic Activities (INAE) have observed that demand for cement has tripled. Heavy rains since December have caused storm damage, of which the repairs have pushed up cement demand.

He did not rule out delivering cement from Cabo Delgado province by truck. “We are working with the managers of the two Nacala factories who belong to the same business group to solve the problems.”
“Right now, there is no imported cement in Nampula”, he said. “We shall assess the situation and take a decision in defence of the consumers”.

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