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East Africa Portland Cement is ready to tap domestic market

02 August 2023, Published under Cement News

East Africa Portland Cement Co Plc and its Athi-River plant is set to expand its clinker production to serve the domestic market after the government imposed a 17 per cent duty on imported clinker. According to Managing Director, Oliver Kirubai, the cement maker has drawn a road map for its revival and has realised improved production by 25 per cent as of September 2022. The increase in production was informed by the first phase of refurbishing the plant, increasing efficiency and cut...

Saudi Cement sales fall to 4.7Mt in November

09 December 2021, Published under Cement News

The aggregate sales of 17 Saudi cement producers decreased by five per cent to 4.7Mt in November, compared to 4.9Mt in the same month last year, according to Yamama Cement Co. Locally, 14 market players reported lower sales, led by Northern Region Cement Co with a 54 per cent YoY drop. It was followed by United Cement Industrial Co, whose sales were down 31 per cent YoY, and by City Cement Co, which posted a fall in sales of 20 per cent YoY. Three companies recorded higher sales, headed...

Vicat’s SeRaMCo contribution

27 April 2021, Published under Cement News

France-based multinational Vicat group has been contributing to the European SeRaMCo (Secondary Raw Materials for Concrete Precast Products) project, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the construction sector by finding beneficial uses for inert waste from demolition sites. The company has been undertaking industrial trials to incorporate fines derived from demolition concrete as a raw material for cement production – an initiative that forms one aspect of Vicat’s circular economy dri...

Aggregate cement sales rise 17% in Saudi Arabia

10 October 2019, Published under Cement News

Aggregate cement sales of 17 producers in Saudi Arabia reported an overall average increase to 3.71Mt in September 2019, up 17.27 per cent compared to 3.16Mt in September 2018. The report, by Argaam, recorded domestic cement sales of 3.59Mt in September 2019 from the 17 companies. Leading the way in increased production was Northern Province Cement, whose sales rose to 183,000t in September 2019 from 35,000t in September 2018. The highest cement production was achieved by Southern Cem...

Construction and demolition waste as clinker raw material

09 September 2019, Published under Cement News

The concept of the circular economy encourages the reuse of waste products as raw materials in the production of cement. Arthur Harrisson looks at the use of construction and demolition waste as a raw material for clinker. Initial crushing of concrete produces aggregate containing a significant proportion of mortar Carbon dioxide is produced during cement clinker manufacture from two sources. Firstly, the primary raw material for clinker is limestone, which is predominantly calc...

Najran Cement resumes production at 6500tpd line

25 June 2019, Published under Cement News

Saudi Arabia’s Najran Cement has temporarily suspended operations of its second production line. However, it will resume production at its 6500tpd third line from 1 July due to a decrease in its clinker inventory, according to Reuters. The change in production lines is also expected to increase operational efficiency and decrease fixed costs in the FY19 by SAR5.7m (US$1.52m).

Bío Bío to stop clinker production at Talcahuano

10 July 2017, Published under Cement News

Cementos Bío Bío announced it will cease to produce clinker at its Talcahuano plant in Chile and instead import clinker from Asia. The decision was taken following several attempts to improve profitability at the works and deliver a competitive product. The closure of the plant’s clinker production department is expected to lead to some 40 redundancies, according to Santiago-based news service Cambio 21.

Saudi Arabia: Yamama Cement mothballs five clinker lines

26 January 2017, Published under Cement News

In an announcement to the Saudi Arabian stock exchange, Yamama Cement has said that it will temporarily close five clinker production lines with a combined capacity of 5600tpd. The company said that current market market conditions had led to a rise in clinker stocks throughout the sector in Saudi Arabia and for this reason the firm had decided to suspend production at its oldest facilities. 

Preliminary data show US cement demand over 9Mt in October

09 January 2017, Published under Cement News

Portland and blended cement shipments by US producers to the domestic market in October 2016 reached 8,012,653t, according to preliminary figures of the US Geological Survey (USGS). In addition, some 1,028,338t were imported, resulting in a total domestic cement demand of 9,040,991t. Exports reached 54,501t in October 2016, down 45.7 per cent YoY. In terms of clinker production, 6,887,896t of clinker were produced in October with leading producing states (in descending order) being Texas...

United States: Drake Cement’s Paulden plant seeking to expand clinker production

03 January 2017, Published under Cement News

Drake Cement has submitted an application to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to increase clinker production at its Paulden plant from 660,000tpa to 726,000tpa. The plant’s current permit runs until September 2017. A public hearing will be held on the decision to grant Drake’s application on 19 January 2017. Local newspaper the Daily Courier reports that the Paulden plant has been running co-firing trials in a bid to reduce its dependence on coal. These trials are examin...