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First Graphene enters development and commercialisation agreement with Breedon

13 October 2023, Published under Cement News

Following on from the positive results from First Graphene’s first round of trials of its graphene-enhanced cement at Breedon Cement’s Hope Cement Works , UK, First Graphene has now entered a joint development and commercialisation agreement with Breedon Group . The agreement will facilitate the company’s development of a range of graphene-enhanced solutions to reduce the clinker factor of Breedon’s cement and reduce its carbon footprint. Both companies have agreed to focus on enhancin...

The pathway for graphene-powered green cement

02 October 2023, Published under Cement News

In the race for low-carbon cement and concrete, interest in First Graphene Ltd’s  proprietary PureGraph® additive brand has been gaining traction. With the focus now moving upstream, Michael Bell, CEO and MD of the Australia-based company, explains how the first commercial trials at the Hope Cement Works in the UK aim to find a simple, safe method of introducing graphene to industrial-scale cement production. Australia-based First Graphene is led by Michael Bell, CEO and MD (pictur...

Graphene’s future potential

18 July 2022, Published under Cement News

Reducing carbon emissions in the cement industry is a top priority, but how to achieve that is the subject of considerable research and development. For First Graphene Ltd and Fosroc International, graphene shows great promise for significant CO 2 reductions and performance enhancements. by Michael Watson, First Graphene Ltd, Australia, and Dr Martyn Whitehead, Fosroc International Ltd, UK. Graphene consists of carbon atoms arrange in lattice-like structures just a few atoms thick ...