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Industry 4.0: press ‘Start’

27 July 2018, Published under Cement News

The application of Industry 4.0 concepts and its suite of buzzwords such as ‘IoT’, ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘Big Data’ presents challenges to a range of industries, including cement. What can cement producers expect and where do they start their journey into Industry 4.0? By Tom Dannemiller and Abhinandan Sheshadri, Sabia Inc, USA. Modern analytical and display tools enable users to quickly create and change reports As leading-edge companies in many industries expect to inve...

Cement logistics: the end of the beginning

18 July 2018, Published under Cement News

In 1988 Commodore still sold over one million units of its C64, nicknamed “The Model T of personal computers”, and commercial logistics software was in its infancy. We have come a long way and our industry is now starting to use artificial intelligence (AI) in its supply chains. INFORM takes you on a journey to the past, present and future of cement logistics. By Dirk Schlemper and Thomas Bergmans, INFORM GmbH, Germany. Figure 1: logistics planning tools in 1988 In 1988 the firs...

30 years of ICR

02 July 2018, Published under Cement News

Welcome to this special 30th Anniversary issue of International Cement Review, in which we explore the development of the cement industry over the past three decades alongside the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Thomas Armstrong, Managing Editor, International Cement Review Over the course of the last three decades, ICR’s objective has been to report on and debate the industry’s technical and market developments, and to provide essential information, knowledge an...