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Keeping an eye on the gears

10 November 2020, Published under Cement News

One of the greatest mechanical challenges in rotary kiln maintenance today is maintaining the efficient operation of girth gear and pinion meshing. Misalignment during production creates uneven and unstable stress concentration on the teeth, resulting in component damage. An early-warning system can inform kiln operators long before the mechanical problem and any damages appear. By Paweł Kędzior, Havec Engineering Co, Poland. Misalignment of the girth gear affects every rotary kiln at...

Saurashtra Cement shuts down kiln for maintenance

08 June 2020, Published under Cement News

India's Saurashtra Cement has shut down its kiln and all the relevant downstream equipment situated at its Ranavav plant, Gujarat, for maintenance operations. The maintenance programme is expected to last for around 35-40 days, but this will depend on the condition of the equipment. However, the cement grinding and packing operations at the plant will continue to operate to meet the cement dispatch requirements. Therefore, no impact on the sales volume is anticipated.

Teploozersky Cement completes kiln maintenance project

03 April 2020, Published under Cement News

Russia’s Teploozersky Cement (Vostok Cement), based in the Far Eastern district, has completed the scheduled maintenance of its No 3 rotary kiln. Work on the  kiln was focussed on correcting the position of the furnace units and repair. In addition, worn sections of the lining were corrected and operations have now resumed. The plant is currently completing the repair of Kiln 1.

Kiln maintenance

14 November 2018, Published under Cement News

Increasing competition within the cement industry and growing concerns about sustainable cement production have placed more rigorous demands on maintenance in cement plants, including the maintenance of the kiln. Therefore, kiln maintenance requires a more dedicated focus than ever. By Dr Nijat Orujov and Frank Henning, VDZ, Germany. Figure 1: walk-by inspection on the kiln roller Driven by a competitive business climate and growing concerns about environmental protection, maint...