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From waste to commodity

17 May 2021, Published under Cement News

Entsorga West Virginia LLC converts municipal solid waste and commercial and industrial (C&I) non-hazardous byproduct materials into alternative, clean energy. The company has been meeting the growing demand for solid recovered fuels by Argos USA’s Martinsburg plant in West Virginia, leading to environmental benefits and reduced operating costs. By Emily Dyson, BioHiTech Global, USA. Entsorga West Virginia, LLC’s HEBioT TM plant, USA Entsorga West Virginia LLC (EWV), owned by R...

A zero waste solution

16 August 2017, Published under Cement News

The development of new alternative fuel (AF) processing and handling technology has enabled cement producers to improve their fuel substitution rates while providing municipal and other authorities with a sustainable, zero-waste option in the disposal of municipal solid wastes (MSWs). By Dirk Lechtenberg, MVW Lechtenberg, Germany. Figure 1: typical process flow for processing MSW into RDF In the early days of alternative fuel (AF) use in the cement industry, well-defined, mainly...

Co-processing MSW at Hongshuihe Cement Co

22 March 2017, Published under Cement News

In its first application in China, an FLSmidth HDR63-315 HOTDISC ® combustion device is integrated in the 3800tpd calciner kiln of Hongshuihe Cement to handle municipal solid waste (MSW) with a high moisture content and low calorific value. By Zhou Lun, FLSmidth Beijing Ltd, China. Figure 1: the FLSmidth HOTDISC combustion device To safely and completely dispose of virtually unclassified municipal solid waste (MSW), China Resources Cement subsidiary Hongshuihe Cement Co Ltd bui...

MSW co-processing in China

24 October 2013, Published under Cement News

As large volumes of common waste increasingly present a problem, China’s search for effective ways of disposing of this waste is on. With new landfill options facing opposition and causing controversy, the co-processing of municipal solid wastes (MSW) is becoming an increasingly-attractive option. Following examples in other countries, China is now actively seeking to increase its MSW usage in cement kilns, with producers such as Huaxin Wuxue and Sinoma’s Liyang having taken up the challenge...

India's waste win-win

09 October 2013, Published under Cement News

The rapid growth of the Indian cement industry has seen the construction of many new efficient plants. The annual gains in output and supply to the market are clearly visible. However, further room for improvement still exists as the uptake of alternative fuels remains limited. Hazardous and municipal solid wastes offer a solution that not only solve some of India’s waste management issues, but also reduce the cement industry’s coal requirements and associated CO2 emissions. By Ritu Bharadwa...