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Optimising Sila Sanon's quarry

25 February 2013, Published under Cement News

Quarry owner Busitarnuntakul of Thailand employs a primary cone crusher together with Sandvik’s QI340 tracked impact crusher to process its limestone into accurate-sized material for the construction industry. The recent installation has helped the aggregate specialist save on transport costs and enable it to process material at the quarry face at higher rates of output. By Sompong Sooksa-nguan, Sandvik Construction, Thailand. The Sandvik QI340 tracked impact crusher increases product...

Protecting biodiversity

11 June 2012, Published under Cement News

Quarrying limestone for cement can result in global extinctions of little-known biodiversity if appropriate surveys are not undertaken prior to the quarry opening and if impact avoidance, mitigation and offset measures are not put in place as part of the quarry’s environmental management plan. Tony Whitten, Fauna & Flora International, UK, considers the issues at stake. Karst limestone creates some of the most beautiful and memorable landscapes in the world. Credit: Zhao Wenqing ...

The different guises of quality

05 December 2011, Published under Cement News

The quarry needs to meet the demands for high-quality material, taking into account the requirements of various plant personnel What does a cement plant want from a quarry? The simple answer is raw materials. But the quality of the materials supplied can be defined in a number of ways and there are some considerations which have an overriding influence on whether a material is acceptable or not. To examine what the quarry is expected to supply we shall take a look at who want...

Rock solid support

24 October 2011, Published under Cement News

Dr Clark ponders the reasons for renewed interest in the quarry chemistry control and decision support system first presented in the February 2002 edition of International Cement Review. Cement producers need to limit variation of raw materials by introducing controls During the last year Whitehopleman has experienced revived interest in the quarry chemistry control system which we first wrote about in the February 2002 edition of ICR. Why this rekindling of interest in such a s...