Deuna Zement signs agreement on Duen quarry

Deuna Zement signs agreement on Duen quarry
24 February 2015

Contrary to the original plans, Germany-based producer Deuna Zement will now not quarry limestone from the 100m-wide strip of woods in Duen. This compromise and further concessions were laid down in a comprehensive seven-point agreement between Deuna Zement GmbH and Duenwald town authorities.

In addition, the open-pit operator has agreed to establish a modern, gentler blasting methods to relieve the pressure for the inhabitants of nearby Zaunröden. In addition, blasting will be more closely monitored by installing permanent vibration measurement equipment.

In terms of logging the forest land, Deuna agreed that the proceeds of this activity – at least EUR400,000 – will be paid to the municipality.

The quarry at Duen supplies around 2Mta of limestone to produce around 1.5Mta of cement. The required expansion of the quarry had caused unrest and protests in Duenwald.

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