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15 December 2015

US Southeast's comeback story

Ahead of Cemtech Americas 2015, Rob Roy assesses the status of cement demand in the US Southeast, where sales recovery is underway and heading in the right direction, but consumption remains far below peak.

23 November 2015

India: waiting for the party

More than a year after the electoral victory of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), expectations for higher cement demand growth rates still have not been met. Growth in the current fiscal year is forecast to be on a pa...

09 November 2015

Egypt's new-found energy

With cement demand having stabilised, the focus for Egypt's cement producers is securing and diversifying fuel supplies to keep output levels high.

26 October 2015

Germany's housing benefits

The housebuilding market has helped the German cement producers to keep output stable, while mergers and asset swaps have led some German cement plants to fall under new management.

Turkey: playing the long game 05 October 2015

Turkey: playing the long game

Turkish cement producers look to the long term as they ramp up capacity and seek larger domestic shares, but regional power bases are still very much in evidence in the local cement sector.

07 September 2015

Spain: rising from the recession

The revival of Spain's economy is leading to increased optimism that the country is getting back on its feet. Cement demand finally turned a corner in 2014, but there remains much lost ground to regain.

Mexico to maintain momentum? 10 August 2015

Mexico to maintain momentum?

Scotiabank Inverlat provides a detailed outlook on the Mexican cement sector seeking reasons for the positive trend in cement demand of the last year, while new cement capacity continues to come on-stream.

27 July 2015

On the Nordic trail...

The Nordic cement production landscape has seen mixed fortunes, but cement trade remains strong and the use of alternative fuels continues to climb as performance drives the industry forward.

13 July 2015

Iraq: an uncertain future

Recent developments on the ground have affected the movement and production of cement in many areas of Iraq. However, plans are in place to add new cement capacity to meet immense consumption needs.

23 June 2015

Indonesia heats up

Infrastructure projects are expected to help spur cement demand growth in Indonesia, while competition is set to intensify as new capacity comes on-stream.

17 June 2015

Stability returns to Thailand

Ahead of the forthcoming Cemtech Asia 2015 meeting, taking place in Bangkok, we turn our attention to the Thai cement sector as demand growth is expected to resume on the back of government stimulus measures.

19 May 2015

India: hopes of Budget boost

The Oct-Dec 2014 quarter proved disappointing for the Indian cement sector and further indicators suggest FY15 closed on a weak note. Better times could be in store during FY16, with hopes pinned on a BJP Budget boost.

11 May 2015

Brazil: future secured?

The Brazilian cement sector has set itself an ambitious agenda for new capacity despite economic fortunes not favouring such a trend. ICR provices an update of newly-announced projects and work in progress.

27 April 2015

A return to optimism

The US economy is finally emerging from the Great Recession and there are firm reasons for optimism going forward as the economy expands and cement consumption increases.

13 April 2015

Canada: a reversal of fortune

Canada's competitive landscape is set to change with the arrival of a new player and the pending Lafarge-Holcim merger. On the market front, domestic demand remains subdued, but upside US export potential holds promise.

18 March 2015

Russia: preparing for the cold?

ICR investigates the pace of Russia's cement industry modernisation as new capacity is brought online and more efficient production prepares the industry for increasing competition.