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22 May 2017

Whither close ties to the US?

Since the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which consolidated the close ties between Canada and the USA, significant changes have taken place in both countries. In addition, Canada’s cement producers have witnessed a changing production base and lower domestic sales in the last few years. By Rob Roy, ROI Economic Consulting, USA. The eastern Canadian cement market exp...

02 May 2017

India: the long wait continues

Despite high hopes of a return to more robust growth rates, the Indian cement sector is likely to close FY16-17 with its slowest performance in over a decade. The third quarter (October-December 2016) proved to be pa...

26 April 2017

Russia: driving development

In spite of significant headway already made in terms of modernising the Russian cement production base, plenty of room for development remains. The modernisation of the industry continues as the country’s cement ass...

24 April 2017

Russian renaissance?

Russian cement producers faced a challenging market environment in 2015-16 as a new recession impacted the construction industry. However, the first signs of recovery are appearing and the cement market is expected t...

Indonesia: changing perspectives 18 April 2017

Indonesia: changing perspectives

Sinarmas Sekuritas reports on the mounting cement capacity in Indonesia and the outlook for better prices and higher utilisation rates.

10 April 2017

Asian cement 2017: looking to the future

LEK Consulting reviews strategic interests in Asia.

Iran: a change in direction? 20 March 2017

Iran: a change in direction?

Iran has built up a large Portland cement capacity in recent years and emerged as a leading global exporter, but now faces a challenging operating environment.

06 March 2017

China: order and growth

DBS Vickers reports on the Chinese cement sector with infrastructure projects pushing cement demand up and strong price increases expected by the lead players.

02 March 2017

After the monsoons

While the demonetisation of the Indian economy has seen cement sales significantly drop, the country’s cement producers are waiting for the positive medium-term effects of good monsoons to kickstart an acceleration i...

16 February 2017

GCC: capacity outpaces demand

With oil prices forecast to remain at the lower end of the scale, Gulf Cooperation Council countries reassess their needs. A heightened focus on economic diversification drives infrastructure investment and governmen...

15 February 2017

Towards self-sufficiency?

The Algerian cement market is undergoing unprecedented growth in production capacity as the country attempts to become self-sufficient in cement. This capacity build-up is mainly driven by large infrastructure projec...

23 January 2017

Paving the road for Colombia

Bancolombia reviews the Colombian cement market which is being stimulated by a COP54.8bn (US$18.5m) road network upgrade programme.

09 January 2017

Improving markets for 2017

HSBC Global Research forecasts plenty of reasons for optimism for the global cement markets in 2017 as emerging markets increase volumes and demand for new housing raises cement demand.

19 December 2016

Japan: finding new ways

Japan has made renewed efforts to pull its economy out of its downward spiral, while cement producers have been lowering production costs and reviewing export strategies.

05 December 2016

A fragile but positive outlook

ROI Economic Consulting takes an in-depth look at the state of the cement markets in Central America.

28 November 2016

India: marking time

Indian cement producers can expect a significant upturn in government infrastructure spending.