International Cement Review articles tagged under : Market Reports

31 July 2013

India: feeling the heat

Indian producers have witnessed a difficult period of late with rising costs and the price-fixing fines. in the latest figures from Jan-Mar 2013 the industry indicates subdued cement demand although optimism remains.

03 July 2013

Searching for Mediterranean sun

While the Maghreb countries report sunny skies, the southern European cement industry remains under a dark cloud. For cement producers in the Levant and Egypt it is a mixed bag.

24 June 2013

Indonesia to spur Asian growth

As Cemtech Asia prepares to head to Jakarta, Indonesia, over 24-27 June 2013, ICR provides an overview of this thriving cement market where existing players and new entrants are preparing to add new capacity.

13 June 2013

Latin American moves

Latin America is a region that is witnessing increasing cement demand and renewed investment in cement plant capacity. In the second part of a Latin American round-up, CemNet looks at the latest developments in the ce...

Latin American shake-up 05 June 2013

Latin American shake-up

Latin American markets are in a proactive period with major producers switching plant ownership and various manufacturers trying to keep up with demand. The prospects look good for this region of the world.

23 May 2013

Iraq can grow with security

ICR takes a detailed look at recent developments in Iraq’s cement market and highlights the need for better availability of power and greater security. Meanwhile, several greenfield plants are lining up to be built.

India: brighter times in sight? 20 May 2013

India: brighter times in sight?

ICR offers an overview of the Indian cement sector for CY2012 along with an outlook for 2013-14. Weak demand during the monsoon season hit producers hard but are better times ahead?

13 May 2013

Cement at the heart of Europe

ICR investigates how the cement industry is playing a vital part in Europe's sustainable future.

01 May 2013

Opportunities in new Africa

New Africa is taking shape and Binani Cement among others is looking to get involved as the continent builds its cement capacity. But what are the risks and opportunities for producers entering East Africa’s hotspot m...

17 April 2013

Russia: status and prospects

CMPro provides a comprehensive account of Russia’s cement industry development in the country’s modern era and highlights key developments in 2012, while looking ahead at consumption, capacity and price trends.

10 April 2013

The pendulum has swung

Ed Sullivan of the PCA gives an update on the US economy and construction markets.

03 April 2013

Spotlight on the Sun Belt

Rob Roy gives a detailed insight into the competitive cement market of the US southern states that have seen large changes in imports and domestic cement output in the last few years.

27 March 2013

China’s transition underway

China’s cement production base is in transition. More modern and efficient plants are being built, while the larger manufacturers are acquiring more capacity. ICR analyses how fast the new-look industry is shaping up.

20 March 2013

Taiwan: plenty of promise

Chris Pei of the Taiwan Cement Manufacturers' Association outlines the trends and status of Taiwan's cement industry which is pioneering the technology for carbon capture and continuing to aim for more sustainable cem...

11 February 2013

GCC market developments

Global Investment House provide an update on the status of cement markets in the GCC region.

06 February 2013

Morocco: primed for growth

As Cemtech Middle East and Africa opens its doors, ICR takes a look at the conference’s host market of Morocco, exploring the changing landscape of one of North Africa’s most active cement-producing areas.