International Cement Review articles tagged under : Market Reports

18 April 2012 Muriel Bal

Out of the doldrums

ICR reports on the freight markets and the outlook for new bulk carriers and expected deliveries up to 2014.

09 May 2012 Jolyne Fernandes

Malaysian market acceleration

Ahead of the 23rd AFCM Technical Symposium, ICR assesses Malaysia's market. The market should see new capacity additions and producers will benefit from the housing construction sector.

24 April 2012

Mongolia: insights going forward

Ian McInnes reviews the development of Mongolia's cement industry.

23 April 2012

Nordic stability lies ahead

The well-established markets of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark as well as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are reviewed and consumption trends outlined.

China: ready for a new era? 05 April 2012 Peter Bell

China: ready for a new era?

ICR reviews the Chinese cement sector as it tries to balance the demand for higher cement consumption in its 12th Five-year plan with restructuring its cement capacity and tighter environmental controls.

26 March 2012

Turkey prevails with expansion

The Turkish cement market is fascinating for its fragmented setup, its attraction for international producers and its phenomenal export record. In the past decade, it has seen unprecedented capacity growth and with th...

Yemen: finding its feet 31 January 2012

Yemen: finding its feet

Yemen’s cement market is relatively young in terms of private company participation, but state-run factories have been actively supplying cement for almost 30 years. In the last three years new cement plants have been...

19 March 2012

UAE: survival of the fittest

The property and construction sector slowdown continues to impact on UAE cement producers, driving utilisation levels and prices down when production capacity has increased to over 40Mt – well in excess of the 12Mta m...

27 January 2012

Bangladesh set for a boom

With its economy growing at a steady pace, and housing and infrastructure offering plenty of construction potential, Bangladeshi cement producers can look forward to the future despite one or two challenges ahead. ICR...

21 December 2011 Jolyne Fernandes

India: first-half overview

ICR assesses the first-half FY11-12 performance of the Indian cement sector.

06 December 2011 Jolyne Fernandes

India: caught in a down-cycle

The Indian cement industry waits patiently to emerge from the current downturn.

22 November 2011

Iraq – open for business

As Iraq's political and security situations improve, ICR explores the cement sector's potential.

21 November 2011

Florida: the waiting game

Florida demand has seen a marked turnaround and faces one of its most difficult periods to-date.

21 November 2011

Hungary: building on traditions

The Hungarian Cement Association gives an exclusive report on the new era of cement production.

21 October 2011

Is the bubble close to bursting?

China is reorganising its cement sector with new capacity and a tougher environmental policy.

19 April 2017 Peter Bell

Brazil: project quick-build

Multinationals and local producers add further capacity to the dynamic Brazilian market.