International Cement Review articles tagged under : Market Reports

01 August 2012 Peter Bell

Costa Rica: investors welcome?

Costa Rica is the venue for this year’s FICEM-APCAC Technical Congress and ICR gauges developments in the local cement market which has been reduced to having just two cement producers.

23 July 2012

Building on a legacy

CMPro provides an exclusive analysis of the cement markets in the CIS and Caspian region. The report features developments in the republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

04 July 2012

From boom to gloom

European cement markets are facing difficult times especially those of Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

27 June 2012

Managing African cement

Industry consultant Tony Hadley looks at the key factors for establishing a cement plant in sub-Saharan Africa.

Chile targets reconstruction 19 June 2012 Peter Bell

Chile targets reconstruction

ICR investigates the progress being made by Chile to step up cement production following greater cement demand for housing and construction projects since the earthquake and tsunami of 2010.

07 June 2012

India: hints of promise

ICR gives a review of India’s October-December 2011 quarter as cement sales spark a revival.

Nigeria comes of age 30 May 2012

Nigeria comes of age

Vetiva Capital Management explores the fast-expanding Nigerian cement production base.

23 May 2012

Ethiopia: future cement strategy

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Industry details how local cement producers will benefit from the government’s new plan.

06 June 2012

Indonesia's new capacity spree

As Cemtech Asia heads to Jakarta, PT Nomura offers a complete update on the status of the Indonesian economy demand drivers, newcomers to the cement market and current capacity expansion plans.

09 May 2012

US cement recovery in sight

How quickly will the USA’s cement industry recover? Yuri Serov of Morgan Stanley provides an update on the potential for cement US market growth in the coming year with forecasts for the housing and construction sectors.

26 April 2012 Peter Bell

Myanmar: building bridges

Thuang Myint of Dragon Cement details the history of Myanmar's cement industry and its prospects for market development as new plant projects are reported.

19 April 2012 Peter Bell

Russian cement reborn

Russia's cement market is in an expansion phase with many producers constructing new dry-process kiln lines. ICR reports on the rising domestic consumption and the latest investments ahead of the PetroCem Conference

18 April 2012 Muriel Bal

Out of the doldrums

ICR reports on the freight markets and the outlook for new bulk carriers and expected deliveries up to 2014.

09 May 2012 Jolyne Fernandes

Malaysian market acceleration

Ahead of the 23rd AFCM Technical Symposium, ICR assesses Malaysia's market. The market should see new capacity additions and producers will benefit from the housing construction sector.

24 April 2012

Mongolia: insights going forward

Ian McInnes reviews the development of Mongolia's cement industry.

23 April 2012

Nordic stability lies ahead

The well-established markets of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark as well as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are reviewed and consumption trends outlined.