A victim of success

Published 09 July 2012

Tagged Under: IEEE CO2 emissions 

Lafarge Canada’s paper on CO2 emissions reductions in the cement sector earned the company its latest accolade, winning the first prize at the 2012 IEEE-IAS/PCA meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Here John Kline and Laurent Barcelo of Lafarge Canada revisit the topic exclusively for ICR.

Figure 1: the levers and their levels of magnitude in the Cement Technology Roadmap (WBCSD, 2009).

Note CCS is Carbon Capture and Sequestration

In 2010, the International Energy Agency (IEA) issued technology roadmaps for reducing CO2 emissions in different sectors, including the cement industry, through to the year 2050. The organisation adopted the “blue map” targets as global CO2 reduction targets that would lead to a temperature increase limited to +2-2.5°C by 2050, based on simulations carried out by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2007). At the request of the G8 ministers, the agency coordinated technology roadmaps that are expected to speed up the reduction of CO2 emissions. Twelve different roadmaps have been published so far, including one for the cement manufacturing sector.

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