NESHAP compliance made easy

Published 17 April 2013

As the US Environmental Protection Agency finalised its amendments to the air toxics rules for Portland cement production and expects the industry to comply fully by 2015, Austria-based filter specialist Scheuch offers its patented EMC technology as the key solution to dust emission issues. By Alois Hermandinger, Scheuch GmbH, Austria.

Figure 1: EMC filter plant at Holcim (Germany) AG,

Lägerdorf plant

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalised amendments to the air toxics rules for Portland cement manufacturing, and the compliance date has been set as 9 September 2015. The final NESHAP ruling intends to reduce emissions of mercury, acid gases, particulate matter and total hydrocarbons to unprecedented lower levels. The significant reduction in the permissible levels of particulate matter emission will now require bag filter technology of the highest quality. Further, reducing emissions of mercury, total hydrocarbons and acid gases will require dry injection of sorbents (powdered activated carbon and hydrated lime) in most cases. These injected dry sorbents add to the dust load in the exhaust gas streams, putting additional demands on the bag filter performance. Scheuch, with its state-of-the-art EMC filter technology, is in a unique position to provide guaranteed compliance solutions to all dust emission issues the industry faces.

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