Cement mill output

Published 11 September 2013

Following the Cemtech Asia technical workshop in Jakarta in June, Dr Clark decides that the blended cement workshop needs to be expanded to cover broader topics. Starting by considering the reasons for the current proliferation of mini-cement grinding plants around the world, he then moves onto the technical aspects of how energy consumption and output of a cement grinding system can be predicted.

The output of the mill can easily be predicted by

knowing the energy consumption of the mill

Cemtech Asia 2013 incorporated a technical workshop on the contribution of process knowledge to a successful blended cement production and marketing strategy. The main topics covered were:
• proliferation of grinding plants around the world producing different blended cements and binders for concrete
• importance of clinker hydraulic reactivity to enable maximum clinker replacement in blended cements and how to maximise that during clinker manufacture
• importance of the supplementary materials to replace clinker in blended cements.

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