Understanding dependency

Published 22 January 2014

In the first of a two-part Technical Forum, Dr Clark considers the complex dependencies involved in delivering a successful cement project. He uses a fictional cement company and country to illustrate those dependencies leading up to the placing of a contract and the contract effective date. In the second part, next month, the dependencies between the contract effective date and handover will be elaborated.

The project goal is clear – to establish an 8000tpd cement factory and to sell

the cement produced into the Ruritania cement market

Mr Entrepreneur, one of the richest people in Ruritania, and indeed the continent of Pangea, has decided that his next venture will be to establish a cement company manufacturing and selling 8000tpd of cement in Ruritania. Having reached that decision, he now wants this to happen as quickly as possible while the cement market in Ruritania is good. Accordingly, he retains a consultant to advise him on how to realise this cement company and project to make it a success.

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