How much alite?

Published 18 May 2015

Tagged Under: alite belite aluminate ferrite 

The content of alite and other cement phases such as belite, aluminate and ferrite can have significant effects on the strength of the final mortar. This article looks at the correlation between alite and other cement phases on the 28-day strength of cement as well as some of the production conditions required to produce high-quality cement in these circumstances.

Figure 1: quantity of alite and 28-day strength from seven cement plants

It is well known that the four main phases of cement clinker, known as alite, belite, aluminate and ferrite or other similar names, perform different functions, first of all in the formation of the cement clinker and secondly in the reaction of cement with water to produce a strong and durable end product. Each phase has generally-accepted characteristics in clinker formation and in the reaction of cement with water.

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