Monolithic linings

Published 23 September 2015

Castable or monolithic linings made of fireclay with silicon carbide can offer significant benefits when used in certain, particularly-challenging parts of the cement plant pyroprocessing system. The harsh environment causes a faster rate of anchor embrittlement, alkali corrosion and build-ups. Teplotechna outlines the benefits. By Teplotechna DIS, Czech Republic.

In April 2014, a new lining was installed in the riser duct of the Slantsy cement works in Russia

Monolithic linings can provide benefits when used in the inlet chamber, riser duct and lower part of the calciner. In these parts, the presence of alkalis can be high due to the combustion of alternative fuels and therefore can place significant stress on equipment. Depending on the location of the alternative fuel feed, temperatures range from 900-1100˚C.

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