The modern cooler

Published 16 November 2015

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Clinker cooling is a key step in the pyroprocessing system. The cooler is essential for recuperating heat from the clinker and cooling it sufficiently for the cement milling operation. However, the primary objective of the cooler is to transport hot clinker from the kiln. During this process, the cooler fulfills a range of functions and its design needs to take into account the requirement to transport clinker efficiently as well as help to recover waste heat and obtain the optimum clinker particle size distribution. 

Modern clinker coolers: operation and efficiency in focus

The clinker cooler is an essential element in the production of cement. The cooler, as the name implies, cools the clinker to manageable levels while transporting it away from the kiln. It also recovers heat from the clinker for use in the kiln, precalciner and other areas. In addition, the cooler sizes the clinker, breaking up large pieces. Essentially, cement could not be produced today without the modern clinker cooler.

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