Conveying strengths

Published 21 March 2016

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Modern cement plants involve the movement of a wide range of materials requiring durable equipment suited to the specific application, whether it is the conveying of raw materials, fuel or final product. However, changes in materials, such as the increasing use of alternative fuels, affect the design of conveyor belts, often requiring the original design to be adapted accordingly. By ContiTech, Germany

The ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group offers solutions for the entire cement production process

With the advance of alternative fuels in the cement industry, waste materials in solid, liquid or gas form are processed in various ways to produce energy.

When transporting these waste materials safely, cement works require secure conveyor belts such as the Sicon closed conveyor belt systems designed by ContiTech. The two sides of the belts overlap, encircling the cargo completely, protecting it from rain, snow and wind while preventing dust from escaping – safeguarding both the environment and cargo.

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