Feeling the heat of mercury

Published 21 February 2022

Cement kiln operators, particularly in cases of co-incineration, may feel the heat when considering upcoming government regulations regarding mercury emissions. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in upgrading mercury monitoring systems if existing ones use out-of-date technology that no longer complies with mercury monitoring standards. By Gasmet, Finland.

Continuous mercury monitoring systems help cement plants avoid over-the-limit emissions

In an effort to decrease fossil fuel dependence and mitigate their environmental impact, many modern cement kilns are using waste incineration to generate energy. While these advances are applauded, this progress also presents its own challenges, including managing emissions from the incineration process. In the past, cement kilns that also incinerate waste were often allowed to operate with less stringent requirements than purpose-built waste incinerators, but that flexibility is rapidly diminishing.

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