Game changer in the kiln

Published 08 November 2022

In today’s operating environment, the refractory lining in the safety zone of a kiln needs to accommodate the requirements of alkali resistance and energy-saving properties. A new brick by Refratechnik is designed to  become the link between established refractory products for this zone, making it a game changer for the kiln. By Lutz Derks, Refratechnik Cement GmbH, Germany.

Refratechnik Cement GmbH’s kronal® 60 ar is a newly-developed refractory brick for the safety zone

in the kiln which meets the requirements of both alkali resistance and reduction of heat transfer

The success and efficiency of a cement plant are based on the perfect interaction of all its units. Hence, any factors that cause malfunctions in the operating process or interruptions need to be carefully watched. The rotary kiln as a core element is given special attention as it is particularly exposed to high loads. Mechanical load and weathering from outside, and high temperatures and chemical and thermochemical processes from inside the kiln demand the utmost from the unit. Therefore, refractory linings are installed in kilns to protect the steel shell and ensure process reliability during clinker production.  

The requirements to be met by refractory linings in this context are more than “just being refractory” because high temperatures are not the only challenge refractory linings have to cope with. Fluctuating raw material qualities and the composition of secondary fuels have an impact on the complex chemico-mineralogical process of clinker production. Protecting plant components from high temperatures and reducing heat losses are additional tasks that demand the variability of a multi-functional tool from a brick that is – for the non-expert – rather plainly designed.

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