Pipe conveying in Portugal

Published 24 July 2023

Pipe conveyors offer several advantages compared to conventional conveyors, including the ability to easily overcome obstacles with curves, no need for transfer points, the absence of material spillage and very limited environmental impact. Demonstrating the benefits of this system in practice, Bedeschi’s recent installation of an alternative fuels pipe conveying system for the SECIL Group’s Outão cement plant in Portugal has proven to be a good fit for the producer’s Clean Cement Line R&D initiative. By Bedeschi SpA, Italy.

Bedeschi was awarded a contract by the SECIL Group for the supply of a new pipe conveyor to handle different types of

alternative fuels at the Outão cement plant in Portugal. Pictured is the 3D layout of the pipe conveyor (© Bedeschi SpA)

Pipe conveyors are environmentally friendly applications used to handle almost any type of material. Their main advantages are the avoidance of material spillage, lower emissions, and full layout flexibility.
The use of enclosed pipe conveyors ensures the material is handled in completely sealed volumes. With the product sealed by the rubber belt along the entire length of the conveying path, the need for dust suppression technology is reduced to a minimum or possibly eliminated, thus saving the energy typically required to operate such systems.

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