Unlocking cement plant potential with digital twins

Published 30 January 2024

Cement manufacturers operate in an increasingly complex environment, facing pressure to maximise production while minimising costs and environmental impact. However, leveraging data to optimise operations can be hindered by antiquated assets and disconnected data systems. Digital twins enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) present a solution. By Wizata SA, Luxembourg

Cement producers operate under increasingly complex conditions, but by leveraging data to optimise operations

through AI-based digital twins they can achieve a more efficient and less costly production process

By creating virtual representations of physical assets and processes, cement producers can finally tap into their vast troves of operational data from diverse sources. Digital twins contextualise and connect siloed data to uncover real-time insights for diagnostics, prediction and control. When combined with machine learning algorithms, digital twins become even more powerful, enabling cement plants to simulate scenarios, continuously learn and prescribe actions.

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