Continental Cement – bigger and better storage

Published 29 April 2024

Continental Cement Co addressed limited cement storage capacity on land and replaced some of its river storage with a new dome silo supplied by Dome Technology. As a result, the cement producer was able to save costs while maintaining the quality of its end product. By Rebecca Long Pyper, Dome Technology, USA.

The 113,398t new dome at its Davenport facility helps Continental Cement serve its

growing number of customers in the Iowa market (© Dome Technology)

Continental Cement Co (CCC), a Summit Materials company, has built another DomeSilo with Dome Technology, this time at its facility in Davenport, Iowa, USA – marking the third collaboration between the two companies.

The new DomeSilo has a capacity of 113,398t (125,000st) and, according to Dome Technology’s records, the structure is among the largest-capacity cement storage facilities in the world, highlights Sales Manager, Lane Roberts.

The dome size helps to better address demand that has been building for the past decade. Before the introduction of the dome, CCC’s Davenport facility grappled with limited cement storage capacity, necessitating the loading of cement onto barges and storage on the river during winter months. With cement and barge demurrage costs increasing, CCC recognised this was not a sustainable plan and commissioned this transformational dome project. The strategic move not only lowers CCC’s costs and enhances operational efficiency but also improves safety performance – a foundational value of CCC and Summit Materials.

“CCC’s Davenport plant was able to reduce its demurrage costs for cement storage on the river and eliminate the need to curtail production. This project positions us well to meet customer commitments and ensure adequate supply coming out of the winter months into the busy spring and summer seasons,” commented Brett Imsland, CCC Plant Manager.

The facility, then and now

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