Buzzi Unicem

Buzzi Unicem's turnover declined by 24.1% last year to €2,672m, with which Dyckerhoff accounting for a 30.9% drop to €1,369m. The weaker performance of the Dyckerhoff operations can be put down to the sharp drop in Russian and Ukrainian volumes, and to a lesser extent, the EU countries in Eastern Europe. Net debt has the end of the year increased by 14.3% to €1,212m, after spending on four major projects in the USA, Russia, Luxembourg and Mexico. Work on other projects in Germany, Russia and the Ukraine have been put on ice until further notice. Buzzi Unicem's cement deliveries fell by 20.4% to 25.5m tonnes, with the sharpest falls taking place in the Ukraine and in Russia, followed by the United States, the Czech Republic and Italy.  Deliveries of ready-mixed concrete were off by 18.4% to 13.9m m³.