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Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

thank you all,  my e-mail: faslan@limakcement.com I'll be appreciated. Best wishes..  firat

Microscopic Reading of Clinker

Dear all, I need a detailed source about how to read a microscopic analyses of a clinker. Including examples of di...

Re: The residual moisture content of pulverized coal/petcoke

Dear Agate,  Thank you for kind info. I think this value is valid for petcoke also.  Best wishes,

Re: Ball Size and %

Dear Dastgir, Usually during installation, companies give a size and % proportion of balls for the mill. You can fi...

The residual moisture content of pulverized coal/petcoke

Dear all,  According to literature a certain amount of moisture content should be remained after drying and grindin...

oxygen level for 4 stage-SP kiln

We have installed the kiln inlet gas analyzer, here the measurements of the ID fan and kiln inlet gas analyzers    ...

Re: volcanic tuff

thank you much for your comments, I will send the tuff for its minerology and complete chemical analysis and we wil...

Re: volcanic tuff

As for now, we are using bauxite 0.75 and iron ore 0.25. according to chemical analyses we can use 0.25 volcanic tuf...

volcanic tuff

Dear everyone, Do you have any experimental result about using volcanic tuff as small igridient in raw meal? Best ...

Re: aragonite (CaCO3)

According to analyses the CaCO3 content in aragonite is higher than the calcite (almost pure). Because of the struct...