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Re: Grinding

By maintaining mill outlet temperature in all the 4 cases it is ensured that the moisture in the input materials is ...

Re: Doubts in Cement Industry

Dear Shaik, 1. Burner pipe displaced inside ....Cooling zone at the discharge end of the kiln will get lengthened; ...

Re: Later Strength

Hi, Rate of hydration of C3S and C2S and their ration could be one of the reason.If any one has done R&D work on th...

Re: Coating formation in Preheater riser ducts

Angular geometry in ducts relatively help as a base for formation of coating vis-a-vis curved ducts.In taper & curve...

Re: Shute coating

Mr.Vikpro, Thanks for the addition which I forgot to mention.   Bhaskar

Re: Shute coating

You may simply provide the step chute boxes at the bottom & sides of the chute where the flowing material gets retai...

Re: Coating formation in Preheater riser ducts

Coating formation is something like formation of eutectic (molten wax) and getting solidifying/ porous form due to i...

Re: brown core in clinker

Brown core clinker is expected to have a high free lime hence poor quality.    

Re: Red spot

Nice video taken to demonstrate what is red spot.Most unpleasant situation when it happens!  Regards Bhaskar Agate

Re: Ring Formation

Dear Mr. Mohan,  I am in line with the comments given by Mr. Vikropo.You need to make raw mix compatible with the f...