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Clinker cooler stroke length

For the last few days we are facing problem of clinker cooler 1st drive (hydrolic) stroke lengthwhich is(125 mm or...

re Kiln shell temperature under kiln tyre and cowl shell.

Kiln shell temperature under kiln tyre and cowl shell.

Dear Sir Is there any arrangement to get on line reporting of shell temperatures under kiln tyres and cowl shel...

re Kiln supporting roller deflection

Thanks Dear Niladri In our kiln deflection of P2 varies from 0.06 to 0 .19 mm without any much change in shell ...

re bolder formation

Dear Ted Liquid phase on 1450 Deg. varies from 25.3 to 27.56. Mgo in clinker is about 5.0 to 5.3%. Regards

bolder formation

Dear All We have high MgO in raw mix causes bolder formation in kiln.wether high kiln RPM will help us?

Kiln supporting roller deflection

Dear Sir What are the possible reasons for high deflection of supporting roller.

Kiln barring

What is the minimum time should be for changeover from kiln main drive to barring drive concedering heavy rain fal...