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re calculation of flame momentum of a multi channel burner

Dear GSK... Kindly elaborate the file that you have attached related to flame momentum of multichannel burner g...

re calculation of flame momentum of a multi channel burner

Hello.. Mr. Chari Please send me the Excell sheet regarding Multi Channel /Mono Channnel Burner Gun Flame momen...

re comprehensive lecture about Precalciner everything you need to know

Please send H.B Sheet on   Thanks.

re Air required to cool 1 kg of clinker.

Calculate the specific air consumption of Cooler by calculating the Air Velocity of all cooler fans.. Velocity....

re CO2 Calculation Method/Formula

For your esay understanding read below mentioned things... Heat In Due to Partially Decarbonised Raw Meal/kiln ...

re CO2 Calculation Method/Formula

Thanks brother for useful information.. i will calculate the heat.. but only problem was with Co2 calculation.....

re CO2 Calculation Method/Formula

i'm asking about heat input & heat output due to partially decarbonisation of material. 1. Raw Meal ... In put ...

CO2 Calculation Method/Formula

Hello... Can any body help me regarding Co2% caculation of Kiln feed & kiln dust out from preheater? How muc...

re Traditional Analysis by Gravimteric & Volumetric Analysis of Cement or Clinker for Determination of SiO2,Al2O3 ,Fe2O3 & Cao & MgO

Dear Sir Can you also tell me the formula for cacluating total carbonates of kiln dust will remained same or there...

re duda cement book

Hi Please send me soft copy. email:   thanks.