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re Ball sorting.

Please see the attached file for the answer of your query.

White Cement Manufacturing

Is there any empirical formula to calculate liquid phase content at temperature 1500 & 1500 degree centigrade for ...

re FeO problem

Dear Mr. Ted, Thanks for your prompt and most appropriate reply of my queries. Regards, Raj Sahu

re FeO problem

Dear Mr. Ted, In white clinker manufacturing in order to maximise the clinker whiteness is by maximise the Fe c...

re Carbon floating problem with fly ash based cement

Please see the attached article on technological options for the separations high LOI Flyash.

re Rule of thumb for open or close circuit grinding

Please see the test results of a semi -industrial grinding plant (closed circuit ball mill) at VDZ research pilot ...

re Cyclone efficiency.

You may calculate the cyclones dust collection efficiency by theoretical way.  

re Cyclone efficiency.

Hi Babali, Procedure of drop test for measuring dust collection effiiency of top stage cyclone of pre-heater to...

re High SO3 in limestone used as additive

Please inform the concentration of volatile components content (K2O,Na2O,Cl & SO3) of kiln feed,Hot meal at the bo...

re Cyclone efficiency.

Dust collection efficiency of a cyclone can be measured by the following formula: Cyclone Efficiency = Dust los...