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High MgO cement

Is there any effect of crystalline MgO on strength development rate of cement mortar?

Re: Set controller

Hello Michael Sir , Is there any influence of low pH chemical gypsum on setting behavior & on cement mortar initi...

Water of crystalisation

Could any body please tell me what is the standard procedure to determine water of crystallisation in kiln feed?

Set controller

What will be the effect of set controller ( chemical or mineral gypsum) pH on setting and strength properties of ceme...

Insoluble Anhydrite

What will be the effect of presence of anhydrite along with dihydrite in mineral gypsum on strength of cement mortar?

Grate cooler

How can we calculate transport efficiency of a grate cooler?

Re: Kilnhood temperature

1.Kiln hood temperature can be considered as a secondary air temperature but it can not be considered as burning zon...

Raw Meal PSD

1.Is there any possible ways to alter bimodal particle size distribution of raw meal (product of VRM) to mono-modal ...

Re: Ring Formation

Could you please clarify that what technique you have to remove big clinker balls without stopping the kiln?

Re: Alk / SO3 ratio

Dear Mr.Ted Krapkat, Thanks for your information shared.Could you also please tell that at what condition spurrite ...