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Re: egg yolk

Please accept my thanks for the Magotteaux test procedure.

Re: egg yolk

Dear Mr.Ted Krapkat, Thanks for sharing your experience regarding yellow core clinker.Such healthy discussion will...

Re: egg yolk

Low SM means high amount of alumina and iron and raw mix is easy to burn.Low SM should have high flux content in cont...

Re: Sinter ring

Any different view from other members of the forum?

Re: Clinker Sintering

It is practically impossible to produce industrial scale clinker without any flux in raw mix.Clinker nodulization wi...

Re: Clinker Sintering

Fluxes are of great importance in an industrial cement kiln to keep down the expenses of clinker formation in terms o...

Sinter ring

What are the possible causes of sinter ring formation at beginning of burning zone and subsequent large ball formatio...

Re: kiln speed

Belite graine sizes vary considerably depending on kiln RPM and retention time of material in the burning zone.Small ...

Re: Clinker grindability

Mr.David, Could you explain logic behind your replied perception? Ono method of  clinker characteristics ranked tha...

Clinker grindability

What will be the expected effect of clinker free lime and alite & belite average grain size(micron) on clinker grinda...