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Re: Cooling of Cement

Krupp Polysius of Germany & FLS of Denmark are also supplying cement cooler.

NOx Emission

What should be the optimum NOx emission (mg/Nm3) at the back end of the kiln?

Polymorphic form of alite

When and how idiomorphic formation of alite takes place? What will be the effect of idiomorphic form of alite on ceme...

Ring Formation

What are the possible reasons for ring formation and subsequent boulder formation inside a kiln?

Re: C4AF

As far as my experience, Mn2O3 addition will give darker colour to clinker.Mn2O3 act as a flux and necessary correcti...

Re: C4AF

Dear Mr.Ted Krapkat, Thanks for answering on my behalf.I am fully agree with your given answer.

Re: Slag

Thanks for your quick response.Is oxidation of sulfur also contribute on gain on ignition?


Why we get "Gain on ignition" in industrial byproduct metallurgical slag such as copper,lead zinc, LD and GGBFS , ins...

Re: C4AF

As per Bogue derived formula with increase in iron content in raw meal C4AF can be increased.Bogue derived formula i...

Re: Clinker Grindability

Dear electron1539, The molar ratio of sulfate to alkalis is known as the degree of sulfatization.I didn't mean gy...