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Raw Meal PSD

What should be the optimum raw meal PSD to avoid excess dust losses from preheater to the optimum level of maximum 5...

Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

Most practical way to by measuring empty height and calculating the % volumetric filling of grinding media.Alternativ...

Re: Hurrivanes

Dear AN, Could you please give your email ID ? I will send you the desired article. With regards, R.M.Sahu,  

Re: Mill Draught

Pressure drop across mill should be 80-120mmwg.Mill inlet pressure should be slightly negative 10-20mmwg.

Re: Use artificial gypsum for cement

It depends upon the landed cost of currently used set retarder Gypsum and cost of production of synthetic gypsum.If c...

Re: kiln RPM increasing

Kiln rpm,kiln slope,kiln diameter and clinker production rate data are needed to calculate % volumetric filling in an...

Re: Hurrivanes

Dear AN, Please refer an article on "Optimizing Efficiency", ICR-NOV'2000 PAGE-62  to know more about Hurrivane.Hur...

Re: White Cement

Dear Mr.David Babayan, The alkali content of the cement samples are as given under, 1.K2O in cement-1 =0.80 wt% ...

Re: White Cement

Respected Dr.Michael Clark, What will be the effect of high free lime in setting time and why? In the above said ce...

Re: White Cement

As per my understanding in clinker doped with CaF2,the phase C3A is gradually replaced by calcium flouroaluminate (C1...