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White Cement

Dear Dr.Clarke, I am sending you mineralogical ,chemical and physical characterization data of white cement.The sai...

Re: % of grinding media in ball mills for both chambers

The volumetric filling degree of modern finish mill is 27-30% for the first chamber and 24-27% for the second chamber...

Setting Time

Dear Dr.Clarke, In  a white cement setting time and flouride content are coming as giv...

Re: Setting Time

Dear Dr.Clarke, In the said white cement setting time and flouride content are coming as given below, Samp...

Re: Setting Time

CaF2 addition will increase rate of ettringite formation.

Setting Time

What will be the effect of CaF2 doped clinker on setting behavior of white cement?

Re: SO3

In order to break a potassium or sulphate cycle, the ultimate countermeasures is to bypass over 15-25 per cent of the...

Re: Setting Time

Respected Sir, Many thanks for your prompt response.The normal seeting time of the said cement is as given under: ...

Setting Time

What will be the possible reasons for higher initial setting time (435min) and slight difference in initial (435 min)...

Re: Sinter ring

Dear Mr.Ted Karpet, Thanks for sharing your experience.Since the conditions that lead to ring formation and consequ...