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API SPEC 10A for oil well cement

Dear Experts ,   did any body have the API SPEC 10A for oil well cement    mmtronic2@hotmail.com

Re: oil well cement testing instruments

Thanks so much for your help and consideration

oil well cement testing instruments

Dear Experts my plant plan to start producing oil well cement    I know that oil well cement need additional spec...

Re: Normal coating area in kiln

Dear GKS  Thx for your appreciated comment but could you please mention what is your reference for your coating thi...

Re: So3 / cement

the answer (yes or no) will based on 2 things : 1- setting time of your cement with out gyp ( just clinker and mino...

Re: So3 / cement

in my opinion it will be based on your cement composition mix design   make a cement composition mix design on an e...


Check your mail Best regards

Re: Alk / SO3 ratio

Hello Bandari,   thx for ur reply and clarification , your clarification of Alk - sulfate ratio equation based on...

Re: Alk / SO3 ratio

thxso much Ted for your clarification

Alk / SO3 ratio

Dear experts , I used to use this equation for calculate  the Alk/sulfate molar ratio :   Na2O + K2O - Cl / SO3 w...