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re Kiln Inlet Coating

Dear Ted; Although we are using the gas (with 0% H2S) as fuel and our kiln feed sulphur content is low 0.3% wit...

CH4 Analyser

Hello All, We have installed CH4 analyser in our preheater cyclone-5. Our kiln is 5 stages prehater with PC and...

re bricks calculation

Thank you mr. Nael, it is really working very well. Good work   regards

re converting heat value

Thank you mr. Ted for your replay Regards

re Calcium Carbonate


converting heat value

hello How can we convert the ''heat value''  of natural gas from BTU/scf to kcal/Nm3 at atmospheric pressure an...

Calcium Carbonate

Hello; We offer very low price Calcium Carbonate (95% CaCO3, 0.05% Cl) with grain size less than 1.4 mm. Also C...

Re: Kiln Floating

Hey; Our 2000 t/day kiln has run 7 days without floating up (due to a problem in the thrust pump) and during that s...

Re: Pre-Heater Fan Coating

Hey; Is this article give an answer to your question! "Greater demands for throughput and efficient use of h...

Coating Index, Burnability Index, & Burnability Factor

Hey friends, please help me in understanding the usage of these three factors ( Coating Index (AW), Burnability In...