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re Clinker cooler stroke length

Dear Original displacement is 125 mm , Its included cushions in about 10 mm either in forward and reverse actions , w...


Sir , Is there any relation ship / Connection between the toatl cabonet (TC) and LSF. How can i predict if i ha...

re Material Spillage from Kiln Inlet

Dear I`think you may need to have a look on your kiln inlet troght segments , Thanks   ILA

low level filling ratio

Dears Would you please explain the effects of low level ratio of grinding media on liners wear . BR ILA

Iron ore

Dear Mr. Ted  Really i need to import Iron ore for my cement company , i have too many offers , its came as powder...

Re: Raw Meal Homoginity

Dear Sheikh   I think you faced a trouble with aeration system  so all you need to check is :- - you need 0.8 bar...

Re: how to estimate the wear rate for Ball mill

Guys its so easy you can do this by your self instead of begging some one mostly he never send that for you all ,, ...

Re: raw mill output came down

Dear Kali  Is it air swept or bucket elevator raw mill ? - At this problem period / was it work in line with kiln ...

Re: Kiln Floating

Hello Bandari When kiln rotates such that downhill thrust roller is only engaged for a partial revolution and all r...

Thermal load

Dear all Kindly , its first time i ever seen this equation to calculate the thermal load at rotary kilns . can any...