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Oppsite classification of grinding media

Hello, We have got a strange phenomenan in one of our cement ball mill second compartment ... in checking we ha...

re Specific Heat

Thank you for your answer but kindly; read the question again and try to understand it. Best regards

Specific Heat

Hello; As we know that the specific heat (Cp) of dry limestone which is the amount of heat required to incr...

re Vacuum Truck

Thank you very much, your answer covered everything about the technical specification of vacuum cleaner. I think I...

Vacuum Truck

Good Morning everyone, We are going to purchase a new vacuum truck (sucker truck or vacuum loader), but we don'...

re ring in kiln

Hello, Check the attched pdf file, i hope it can give you an answer. Regards

Liter Weight

hey; I want to ask if there is any relation between low liter weight & kiln production. What i mean is: Our ...

Kiln outlet seal

Hi; Our kiln is 4500 tpd with preheater and precalciner. my question is that; due to ovality in our kiln shell mos...

Re: SO3 in Hotmeal

  HeyTed Krapkat ; Thank you very much for your complete answer ... you are great, you have given me the exact ans...

Re: SO3 in Hotmeal

Hey lalbatros, Thanks alot for your answer ... Our SO3/alk ratio in the kiln feed in 0.7-0.8 while in the hot meal ...