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Thermal warp

Hey;; In our scanner screen of the kiln shell which showing the shell temperatures there is an icon showing "Therma...

Re: Thermal load

hi; I would like to ask if in calculating the Thermal load we should use kiln and PC fuel or only kiln fuel? Best ...

Re: Kiln hood

Thank you alot Vinayak for your answer, i will try to send all information and photos in the next shutdown of our ki...

Kiln hood

Hey, What is the reason of damaging the refractory lining in the kiln hood area? We have 2 P.C kiln with grate cool...


hey to all; We are facing high shell temperatures in two areas in our kiln shell, i want to change the postition of...


I heard that P2O5 affects on clinker properties, it can improve late strength of cement but I am not sure if is it c...

Tromp curve

Hi everyone, What is the purpose of using Tromp curve??? How it can help? best regard  

Addition of clinker dust to kiln

Hi; In some cement plants slag is used in cement kiln. What I know is that slag has C 2 S so it is used in cl...