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SO3 in Hotmeal

Hey Friends; Our kiln is 3000 tpd, with off line PC and 5 stages PH, our fuel is natural gas, H2S content in the ga...

Re: Why surges are occured in PH Stages ?

Hey:  Do you have any boulders in your kiln? And what about the quality of clinker ( free lime & Liter weight)??  

Re: Cyclone-5 Dip Tube

Hey Nael; Running the kiln without a dip tube may only decrease the settling efficiency of cyclone-5, this can resu...

Re: Cyclone-5 Dip Tube

Hey Nael,  Dip tube length and diameter are naturally one of the most important factors for the cyclone desi...

Re: Breaking News: Explosion in Cement Plant

Hey Friends, I am really sorry for this accident but don't you agree with me most of big accidents happen at night...

Length of flame

Hi, I want to ask if there is any formula to calculate the length of the flame? If no how can it be determine? tha...

Re: kiln process.

Dear HongMinh; Before sharing my experience with you regarding to this problem could you please give more informati...

Kiln Speed

Hey;       what are the factors affecting on the speed of kiln? What i mean is when kiln speed should be increased ...

SO3/Alkali Ratio

Hey, Our kiln is 4000 tpd with preheater and bypass system, last few months the coating in the smoke box increased a...

Re: Kiln Torque

And our kiln by Amp, WHY?!!!