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Re: Ring Formation

Please send me your email ID Vikpro

Re: Ring Formation

Dear Mr. Raj, Please send me your email ID.  Vikpro

Re: Ring Formation

Possible reasons for ring formation, Raw mix design, High coal ash High liquid phase Quality/ condition of ref...

Re: Short pass of feed in pre heater

Dear BML, please check your 5th cyclones bottom flap damper, may be open ( jam ) or damaged.  Vikpro

Re: coal bag filter dp

Mr. Rajesh, I feel that your BF DP problem may be due to high raw coal moisture. once you try with some dry coal. in...

Re: kiln refractory lining

Mr. Rajesh, You can, but you need extra ( external ) power to rotate the kiln and and vary powerful breaks to hold...

Re: Heat Balance

Dear Mr. Bhandari, please send me the calculation, my mail ID as below. Vikpro

Re: Cement ball mills without water injection

Dear Mr. Lal, If you will go through my mail, I have mentioned the same thing. It is impossible to run the mill wi...

Re: Cement ball mills without water injection

Dear mb14, As per my experience it is not possible. I have calculated by considering cement mill somewhere in -40 ...

Re: Al2O3 v/s Fe2O3

Dear Mr. Gulam, I have calculated your clinker specification ( max ~ min ) your clinker is already vary easy to gr...